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L. E. A. H. A Coloring Book Created By A Girl For Girls To Inspire Love, Equality, Acceptance, And Hope

Reviews 5 Stars
L E A H A Coloring Book Created
Author: Leah May Cordle

Shopping for a superb book? You will have to read L. E. A. H. A Coloring Book Created written by Leah May Cordle. If you prefer a copy of this book, check out our store button on this site.

A coloring book produced by Leah Cordle who founded L. E. A. H. a foundation which supports anti-bullying programs in schools. Leah is actually a survivor of bullying. Funds from this coloring book will visit assistance her quest to promote her anti-bullying platform in the Miss USA pageant system. Her goal is to bring awareness towards the dilemma of bullying amongst girls inside the nation's school systems and to hopefully implement applications by which the problem could be addressed and eliminated.


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