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Anabella Giggles All Day! (best Friends With Anabella) (i Love Anabella)

Reviews 5 Stars
Anabella Giggles All Day

Washington Longfellow Press

Author: Nev Nickelz

Written by Nev Nickelz and it is published by Washington Longfellow Press. The children's book was available on the 6th of July, 2011. The children's book has 43 pages. Envision oneself as being the key figure, asking yourself plus desperate for an answers. You can get as inventive as you choose with the scenario mentally. It's going to indeed put you in the middle of the enjoyment and also anticipation with the children's book.

Anabella Giggles All Day! (Book 1) and Anabella Giggles All Day!   40 pages. Because her feelings are hurt, Anabella's best friend becomes angry and commands Anabella not to laugh once again. What will Anabella do?   I Love Anabella Books: Anabella Giggles All Night! Can she stop giggling at her best friend? Children will learn beneficial lessons as they enjoy stunning illustrations, surprising twists, and super fun in Anabella Giggles All Day! , an exciting addition to the I Really like Anabella series. Can they nonetheless be best close friends?   Anabella loves giggling, but when Anabella starts giggling at her bossy best friend, their friendship is challenged. Ultimately, shared all-day giggles lead towards the triumph of friendship. Written in easy-to-read rhyme, it may possibly be the perfect book for young readers ages 3 to 7. is a wonderful book about feelings, friendship, and giggling. (Best Friends with Anabella) (Book 2)


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